Healing Tiny Hearts – A noble cause by few renowned doctors at GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore

Well-reputed hospital along with highly qualified doctors join-hands together to spread the awareness of Congenital Heart Disease.

Healing Tiny Hearts in association with GKNM Hospital have formed an organization to treat  children with Congenital Heart Disease.

Healing Tiny Hearts with an ambition to grow funds wanted us to create a brand identity that can communicate their message with simplicity. We aimed at creating an illustration with the combination of logical and aesthetic representation of a gentle heart and caring hand.

We placed a hand below to articulate the expression of care across the entire designing pattern; Heart was designed with smooth curves to depict children, and Smiley shaped curve represents positivity. The Brand Identity of Healing Tiny Hearts truly reflects the cause and extension of passion towards treating Congenital Heart Disease.

Healing Tiny Hearts by GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore Congenital Heart Disease

Healing Tiny Hearts by GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore
Congenital Heart Disease

Healing Tiny Hearts by GKNM Hospital,

Healing Tiny Hearts by GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore
Congenital Heart Disease

Healing Tiny Hearts by GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore Congenital Heart Disease

Healing Tiny Hearts by GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore
Congenital Heart Disease

Healing Tiny Hearts by GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore Congenital Heart Disease

Healing Tiny Hearts by GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore
Congenital Heart Disease

Healing Tiny Hearts by GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore Congenital Heart Disease

Healing Tiny Hearts by GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore
Congenital Heart Disease

SONOSCAN Brand Identity

SonoScan, an Ultrasonic Scan Centre from Coimbatore, wanted us to redesign their existing brand identity.

The new brand identity gives a broader appeal that is understood effortlessly by the medical fraternity and General public.

The new logo designed mimics the visual of an ultrasound as an outer space  and incorporates sound waves within the visual. The redesign reflected a more clear and simplified version of their core strength. In addition to the Identity and basic brand assets, we also helped Sonoscan revamp their doctor and staff uniforms, develop service brochures, invitations, instruction boards within the centre and other promotional materials.

UltrasoundLogo Draft12345678













Corporate Film for Lakshmi Card Clothing

LCC wanted us to create a corporate film showcasing their achievements over the years and their innovative range of products. Our concept explored the idea of ‘Leader by Nature.’

The video uncovered the true quality of the brand and their product credentials. It was shown at several high profile events and exhibitions across the nation. It was also used to introduce the brand at special workshops and training sessions that LCC undertook for its clients.

Please check it out 🙂

ELGi Annual Magazine 2016-17

One of India’s leading air compressor manufacturer, ELGi equipments wanted us to work on their annual magazine. ELGi is an organization that has challenged the best in the world with their technological and innovative superiority. Having just revamped their brand identity, we were expected to build a design that was in line with the set standards.

The annual magazine had to express ELGi’s distinctive personality, enormous knowledge and foster long-lasting relationship with their clients across the globe. It contained articles that would inform at the same time entertain ELGi’s worldwide clients.

The designing of this annual magazine was performed with a systematic approach, according to the client’s requirements. In collaboration with renowned writer Akber Ayub, who carefully framed the content, we were able to enhance the experience visually and structure the information to be easily consumable. Our creation was executed by one of India’s best printers Pragati Offset.

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Launch Strategy for Viswa & Devji Diamonds in Chennai

Viswa & Devji was launching its exclusive diamond jewellery showroom in Chennai. The first retail division of Viswa & Devji was set up in Coimbatore in 2008. During a time when very few contemporary diamond brands existed in the market, Viswa & Devji was a breath of fresh air. The differentiating factor for Viswa & Devji was its exceptional quality and exquisite designs.

Viswa & Devji wanted to position itself as a highly aspirational brand from the very beginning. As a result, Viswa & Devji have strict quality standards and use only the best quality diamonds in all  products. Moreover, the designs were not replicated or produced on a mass scale. Each design was developed in very few numbers thus resulting in rarity. Though other brands had similar services, Viswa & Devji was offering exclusivity as its prime offering and that was far ahead of what other brands offered.

With its rich heritage in artistry, a manifold cosmopolitan approach and vibrancy, all depicting the heart of Viswa & Devji jewellery, Chennai was chosen as the ideal place for setting up the new Viswa & Devji jewellery showroom. Set in the bustling High street of Chennai on G.N Chetty Road, it is designed to international standard which also has a luxurious lounge providing exclusivity and privacy to its niche clientele. This strategic launch of a showroom in Chennai was conceptualised to cater to clients across Tamil Nadu and parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Viswa & Devji will target clientele who are quality conscious, who have a taste for fine jewellery and who appreciate exclusive one-of-a-kind premium quality diamond jewellery.

The Task: As the brand consultants of Viswa & Devji, HUT was given the task of conceptualizing, planning and executing the entire task of promoting the launch of Brand Viswa & Devji in Chennai.

The Strategy: Viswa & Devji was already a well established brand in Coimbatore. But not so much in Chennai. The key task was to create a lot of buzz around the brand and its launch in Chennai. The aspirational value that the brand possess in Coimbatore needed to be replicated and in many ways magnified when shifting to Chennai. Being a brand that does everything from procuring to designing to manufacturing to retail in-house, it was vital that the brand use its strengths to build credibility and differentiation in the Chennai market.

It was important to stay away from the usual strategies followed by most jewellers who rope in popular celebrities as brand ambassadors. Though brand ambassadors do help in creating the buzz, it would in many ways distract focus from the brand’s core offerings. The decision to not have brand ambassadors was also because the finances could be utilised in a more efficient manner. The brand already possessed an aspirational value and it targeted primarily the cream of the crop. This quality that the brand possessed is one of its best assets and needed to be used to its advantage.

The Plan

  • Get the internal team in place
  • Create a compelling campaign idea
  • Determine ways to build and integrate the idea across platform
  • Choose the teams to execute the plan in the best possible way.
  • Allocate and monitor work.

The Internal Team

The initial activity of building a good team in Chennai began more than 2 months before the launch. With a clear understanding of the roles to be filled, appropriate candidates were chosen after 3 rounds of interviews. Newspaper advertising, Social Media promotions and Job Portals like Naukri and Monster were used to achieve this.

Creating a Compelling Concept

The brand had some really interesting offerings. Some of them being;

  • Every piece of jewellery is created using the finest quality diamonds, stunning concepts, top class technology and the most skilled artisans.
  • Not more than few pieces of the same designs are ever made.
  • A highly exclusive service that Viswa & Devji offers to its customers is that they can develop customised jewellery with the support of in-house design experts.
  • The designs at Viswa & Devji cannot be found anywhere else.

One word that communicates what Brand Viswa & Devji has to offer was “Extraordinary”. The brand really wanted to make its customers experience luxury at its finest. From the quality of products to the quality of service that Viswa & Devji offered, it was all extraordinary. Being a brand that is entering a new market, it was vital to keep it simple, crisp and to the point. Thus the Concept “Experience the Extraordinary” was crafted.


The most creative, fabulous looking products were specially chosen and photographed to be used exclusively for the launch of Viswa & Devji’s Chennai Showroom.

Build and Integrate the idea across platform

Various communication tools were chosen to take the message across.

  • Direct Marketing
    • Invitations as Online and Offline Direct mailers
    • Special guests needed to be invited individually. Instead of roping in Celebrities, popular personalities were invited as guests for the three day exclusive pre-launch.
    • SMS’s were sent as reminders two days ahead of the launch and on the day of the launch. Care was taken not to bombard prospective customers with too many messages.
    • Tele calling was also done to personally invite guests.
  • Advertising
    • Newspaper were used to announce the launch
    • Radio was used to remind and maintain curiosity.
  • OOH
    • Billboards were taken up in prime locations in Chennai and it was used to build curiosity
  • Online
    • Social Media was used to build the buzz and act as a reminder. Linkedin, Facebook and youtube were the key social media platforms.
    • Online ads on google were also done.
  • PR
    • Offline and online push of brand specific information.
    • Press conferences and invitation for the exclusive preview.

A business press meet was conducted 10 days before the official launch. Journalists from all leading television channels, Publications and online portals were invited for the event at ITC Grand. A snapshot of the brand, its specialty and its offerings were showcased at the press meet.

The launch

The showroom in Chennai was scheduled to be launched on 20th of September. Prior to the launch, a 3 day exclusive premier was scheduled for the HNI and popular personalities of Chennai.

Close to 30,000 VIP’s, celebrities and socialites of Chennai and nearby cities were invited for the event. By allocating the funds to personally inviting important people of Chennai and not spending a large budget on bringing celebrities had worked out better because it enabled the brand to reach out to a larger network of people who in fact were the target audience for the brand. The exclusive launch for three days also saw quite a number of footfalls to the showroom. All guests were provided with a sumptuous array of snacks. It was a true display of the luxurious service that the brand promises.

For nearly a month leading to the launch, Viswa & Devji’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, google+ and Instagram was abuzz with activities. The idea was to keep it simple. Showcase some of the best products to grab attention and inform them about the launch date and venue.

Offline and Online PR were two of the most powerful tools adapted for the launch. News about the launch appeared on all major Television and Radio channels in Tamil Nadu, dailies(English and Vernacular), magazines(English and Vernacular) and websites.

The campaign, with all its integrated activities, managed to achieve a lot with a fraction of the mass media budget. This was possible only because of some smart planning, chalking out realistic goals and constant monitoring of all activities and teams involved.

Here is a snapshot of the campaign

Business Press Meet

Business Press Meet

Business Press Meet

Business Press Meet

Business Press Meet



Launch Guest Launch Guest Launch Guest Launch Guest Showroom Showrrom


The three most important questions to ask before any Logo development

Having worked with a lot of new designers lately, we felt there is a need to write about few basic of identity development. This post is meant specifically for those who are starting a career in brand design. At HUT, we make it a point before any project to start with a series of questions. We feel this is the best way to deal with communication problems. So let’s begin.

Who is this brand?

A logo, basically, is the signature of a company. It is something that depicts the personality of the brand. So the first question to ask yourself is “who” is this brand? The answer to this can be got by talking to the brand owner. Understand their story as to why this company was started. Understand their values. Understand what sort of people work there. Once you get these information, write down the key qualities on a piece of paper. For instance, if it is an NGO for women welfare, You may write “Feminine”, “Empowerment” etc. If it is a Sports drink, you could write something in the lines of “Power”, “Energy”, “competitive” etc.

Who are the competition?

During our interaction with freshers, we found that most of them knew that it was important to benchmark and also to check out the logos of other competitors. But the problem lies in building something that is different from the competition and something that is true to the brand. Getting inspiration from existing logos is good, but it is important to move away from the inspiration and try not to replicate it.

Who is the target?

Most brand designers focus on the brand and the competition. The attempt is always to create something that sets us apart from our competition. But there is a third dimension. The Audience. We usually focus on the audience when it comes to marketing activities. But what about when we build our identity. Understanding who our audience are and what kind of brands they use will give us a better picture of what sort of logo to create. Let’s say for instance, we are building a logo for a luxury hotel. By understanding what other luxury brands our target group prefers, we can develop a more acceptable logo.

These three questions will give you a much better understanding of how to go about building the logo. These questions will definitely lead to more questions. But always know when to stop. Too much information, in some cases, will prevent you from seeing the solution clearly.

Leaders By Nature

Lakshmi card clothing wanted us to develop a campaign positioning them as the leaders of the card clothing industry. Having been in the industry for more than 5 decades, Lakshmi card clothing has become extremely well known for its world class products and services.

We wanted to move away from the usual corporatish message of talking about their achievements and develop a campaign with a strong tone of voice and at the same time encourage employees. The proposed Idea was “Leaders by Nature”. The Idea behind the concept is to connect qualities of LCC with that of natural leaders.  i.e The king of the forest – lion, king of the air –  eagle. King of the sea –  whale.

The campaign like any branding activity needed to start from within. We came up with a series of internal communication activities and followed it up with an external brand campaign. Below are few of the creatives that we had developed.

01 copy

Leaders By Nature - Eagle

Leaders By Nature – Eagle


Leaders By Nature - Poster

Leaders By Nature – Poster

Leaders By Nature - Tshirt

Leaders By Nature – Tshirt

Leaders By Nature - Tshirt

Leaders By Nature – Tshirt

Leaders By Nature - MUG

Leaders By Nature – MUG

Leaders By Nature - Employee wallpaper

Leaders By Nature – Employee wallpaper

Leaders By Nature - Momento

Leaders By Nature – Momento



“The solution is fluid” Campaign


The solution is Fluid Campaign

In addition to the domestic and Agricultural divisions of C.R.I. Pumps, we also work for the industrial division that focus on providing customized fluid management solutions based on specific industry requirements. The team at C.R.I. Pumps wanted us to translate their core offering of “Providing customized solutions” and create a campaign around the idea.

After several brainstorming sessions, we ended up with the thought, “The Solution is Fluid”. The idea was to connect the qualities of fluids (that can take any shape/form) and the offerings of the company (customized as per requirement). The idea was appreciated and we went ahead with the campaign.

The campaign was made specifically for industrial magazines and it consists of a launch ad and a series of follow up ads. The art direction for the campaign focused on incorporating industrial visuals in fluid splashes. The copy was direct and to the point considering the target audience and their nature of consumption of such advertisements.


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SHUTTERSometime last year, we had promised to increase the range of services that HUT would provide. Starting this month, we will be opening our new audio, visual studio. The new division will be called SHUTTER. To start off, SHUTTER will engage in highly specialized product photography. Soon, we will be including other specialized photography and videography services like corporate films, feature films & documentaries. We will be showcasing some of our works soon and will keep you updated.